What kind of strange boxes do these incomprehensible Russians

Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev said a wonderful phrase, which explains the whole essence of the country and it is relevant even today — <<Wise Russia cannot be understood, Arshin cannot be measured in general: It has a special become — One can only believe in Russia >>.
Even with all the computerization and development of the country, these words are more relevant than ever today. It makes no sense to understand anything about the actions of Russians and in general, in this country, which is strange for the whole world. After all, you will not understand anything anyway. Neither their actions, nor their actions, but about the Russian soul, is worth speaking at all. You will not understand anything. It is impossible for a foreigner to understand for sure.

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It’s hard to understand a subtle Russian soul

And what are they and strange boxes made of birch tree? Imagine! — “from birch”. There is no special oddity, of course. Wood and wood. Duck, they have thought of ripping off the bark and making these very boxes. Not just boxes. It turns out that they have been doing this business for a long time. In the old days, the lime tree was cut, the paws were knitted. Cheap and angry. And from the birch and its bark, “birch bark” is called, began to produce all the household utensils. Yes, practically, these Russians made birch bark, now you can not list everything. These products were popular among the people. Birch bark breathes, does not rot. Bread is stored in such bread, for a long time and no smells of outsiders. Only a nice birch. So the Russian masters made the box these cursed and mysterious that the bread called, and others, under the things of all kinds.

Things for home, birch bark, chest, box, OvLGroup,
Things for home, birch bark, chest, box, OvLGroup,
Chest of birch bark handmade by Russian masters.

And then, suddenly, not unexpectedly, not fortunate, a miraculous progress came. Everyone rejoiced. We went to work at the factories, and in the cities to move for a lot of money. “Getting better at steel” — so to speak. And to forget steel about birches, and about a box magic from a bark of a birch, which besides benefit and beauty, also by hands was made, men Russian. Replaced by glass and plastic to the enemy, with technology theirnimi. Masters work its own wicker, forget the steel, and not to pass that to anyone. Young people, they think about the future, they think. And they do not show any interest in the old craft. Some Russians were able to preserve their traditions, to pass on the same thing to the Russians, who still have wonderful boxes, but beautiful do for the joy of people, and foreign tourists, that the diva is given from the handicrafts of Russians, and from Russia mother herself.

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